The common perception among people who don’t know Harley-Davidson is that the bike is a niche all its own, free from having to bend its image to fit whatever the occasion. These people, of course, are wrong. Harley may be associated mostly for its massive cruisers and tourers, but there’s more to the brand than meets the eye.

That’s precisely why Harley-Davidson launched a new marketing campaign, called #RollYourOwn. The campaign is directed towards those who think that Harley fits only one box when in truth, it fits any kind of box an owner wants to fit it in. US marketing director Dino Bernacchi, one of the principal figures behind the campaign, put it best when he said that “there is no one way to ride a Harley.”

Whether you’re kicking up dirt on the track, racing on ice, or just enjoying the morning commute, there’s a Harley bike for everyone and a story that can be told with those bikes.

That’s basically the essence of the #RollYourOwn campaign. As a Harley owner, you’re in charge of what you want to do with your bike and you’re in charge of what story you want to tell.

It’s definitely a unique way to show people how Harley-Davidson celebrates rider individually and certainly, at least on this end, the message is sent loud and very clear.

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Source: Ad Week

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