The 12th edition of the KTM Adventure Rider Rally took place in late September 2015 in Crested Butte, Colorado. As expected, the event was a resounding success.

Created to give riders of all skill levels the chance to earn their stripes and learn from the best in the business, the Adventure Rider Rally once again drew hundreds of riders to Crested Butte where they got a chance to interact and ride with some of KTM’s top riders, including Quinn Cody, Andrew Short, Chris Fillmore, Mike Lafferty, Russell Bobbitt, and Paul Krause. The event wasn’t just your typical meet-and-greet; it also gave up-and-coming riders a chance to test their skills against the aforementioned KTM riders.

KTM even released a short video of highlights of the Adventure Rider Rally and judging by the testimonials from those who attended the event, the annual gathering is living through its purpose of providing a place for KTM enthusiasts to come together and enjoy the experience of riding their respective KTM bikes in a picturesque place like Crested Butte.

There’s a reason why the Adventure Rider Rally is still going strong for 12 straight years now. There’s no event quite like it for KTM enthusiasts and as long as there are riders who continue patronizing the Austrian motorcycle brand, the Adventure Rider Rally will continue to be a staple and a circled date in the calendars of KTM riders of all shapes and sizes.

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Why it matters

Like I said in my preview of the KTM Adventure Rider Rally back in September 2015, I don’t claim to know a lot of things related to adventure racing but I expected the event to be well-attended because I know a lot of people in this country who are unabashed fans of KTM and a specific segment of these fans have taken their affinity for the brand to, shall I say, passionate levels.

The Adventure Rider Rally was supposed to be that one event in a year when these people could come together and just enjoy being around the company of their peers. Some people even use the event to learn the craft of off road racing, something KTM itself has capitalised on by offering riders a chance to try out a number of its adventure and enduro bikes, as well as learn some tips from some of the finest riders who race professionally for KTM.

I watched the video a couple of times and the same thing always strikes me: fans of KTM are a loyal and dedicated bunch. They take their love for the brand seriously with some even travelling long distances just to attend the event. It just goes to show that if you’re a motorcycle brand, building brand equity through customer loyalty is one of the most important steps in establishing a legitimate and hardcore fan base.

Source: KTM

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