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Flying past the traffic might be a reality soon. We all living in the urban metropolitan cities and getting stuck in traffic might as well be a birth-right. We are always in shock and denial, and even though we knew it was coming, we always find ourselves amazed at the hour-long standstill line. You feel so helpless, and the worst thing of all is that you will not see the end of it, and when it does, you pray this will never happen to you again. But as you know, it always comes back to haunt you. Luckily for us, there is someone out there looking for our problems and finding the right solutions.

British inventor Colin Furze has posted a series of new video explaining how to build yourself a flying motorcycle (err.. also known as a hoverboard).

Video: Home made Hoverbike
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Using two Rotax lawnmower engines, Colin has built the hoverbike using a light alloy frame. After trying all sorts of different ideas and stability controls, and just a few weeks of working in his backyard, he managed to lift himself and move around in the air while learning to control and balance came by practice.

Want one for yourself? Then watch this and build one for yourself.

Video: Home made Hoverbike
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