There are so many things about the Honda CBR1000RR that really cranks out the best visual and audio experience of any street fighter in the market today. All you need to do is look and listen to the bike and you can immediately feel the rush coming into your body, kind of like a two-wheeled drug that leaves you all giddy inside.

If you want a perfect illustration of the awesomeness that is the CBR1000RR, check out this video and just watch yourself be entertained about all the things this bike is capable of doing. Rear-wheel wheelies? No problem. Burnouts? Easy breezy. Oh, how about illiciting that stomach-churning roar reserved for the meanest bikes in the market? A walk-in-the-park for this hellacious two-wheeled machine.

The stunt-riding with the CBR1000RR goes well into the late afternoon, but even with the poor visibility, you can still hear the bike spew out all of its aggression, much to my delight at least.

There was a little mishap at the end, but I really couldn’t make out what happened; it looked like a front-wheelie gone wrong. Whatever it was, it still couldn’t take away from the spectacle of seeing the Honda CBR1000RR fully showcasing everything we’ve come to love about the bike.

This is the kind of video that could get your juices running to get you through the day. It’s not exactly coffee or anything like that, but hey, it’s a pretty close alternative. Take it from me, I’ve been buzzed since I got to see this video.


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