Say what you want about Honda Racing, but when it comes to open road racing, there aren’t a lot of motorcycle teams that can boast the kind of success Honda has had in recent years. The team wants to remind us of that, which is probably why it released this promo video previewing the soon-to-begin 2015 road racing season.

The video is what you’d expect from Honda. Preparations ahead of the road racing season are always pressure-packed, especially for a team that has a lot to live up to like Honda. The benefits of riding around tracks are taken away in this environment since most of the racing will be done in open roads. Even then, there’s still a lot that goes into actually building bikes that can not only compete in these races, but actually win them.

But if there’s a team that understands all of these nuisances and knows how to prepare for them, it would be Honda Racing. This video is a pretty interesting look on the preparations the team goes through before the start of the road racing season.

This is the non-glamorous part of motorcycle racing, but this is also the time of the season where teams can plan around what they anticipate is going to happen during these races so they can be prepared to handle any situation that happens.

It’s a fascinating look at how one of the best road racing teams handles its preparation ahead of the 2015 season.


Source: Honda Racing

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