• Video: Horrific Lego Motorbike Crash

Maybe a bit of glue might have helped? Just saying

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This clip of a TV presenter getting it horribly wrong with a Lego motorbike model raises a few questions.

That’s a smashing Lego motorbike...

You’ve just spent the best part of, oh, I don’t know, a year, designing and constructing your near life-size Lego model of a motorbike and you’re asked to bring it to a TV studio for some reason.

Video: Horrific Lego Motorbike Crash
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Now You See It....

Everything goes smoothly until some ham-fisted presenter knocks it over and it smashes into a thousand pieces, right in front of your eyes! Cue appalled reaction from the ’audience’ and a look of horror from the, presumably, owner.

But is everything as it seems or are we having the wool pulled over our eyes? There’s a couple of things here.

Video: Horrific Lego Motorbike Crash
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Now You Don’t

Firstly, if it was that delicate, then how was it transported? Secondly, if you spend that long making something out of Lego, then surely you would glue it together, if only to allow it to support its own weight. Then, if you’re going to stand it on a plinth, wouldn’t you make sure it was secure?

Maybe it’s real, maybe it’s a put-up job, but it sure is funny!

Harry Fisher
Harry Fisher
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