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Video; How To Jump an MX Bike

Motocross tutorial makes it look easy, but......

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Really cool video tutorial about how to jump your MX bike and not break every bone in your body doing it! They make it look so easy and give some good hints and tips on how to best do it but it’s one thing watching and quite another doing it in real life.

How Hard Can It Be?

There are some things that simply can’t be taught by watching a video tutorial. Jumping an MX bike is one of those things.

Video; How To Jump an MX Bike
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Ever Wondered How To Do This?
Then watch this video

When those who are doing to teaching make it look no more difficult or complicated than walking, it’s easy to think that you must be able to do it just as well as they do. Then, when you get to the track and contemplate the size of the jumps, the speed at which you need to be riding and the split-second timing needed to negotiate everything safely, doubts tend to start creeping into your head.

And that’s before you’ve even got on the bike!

There is something slightly dangerous about asking an expert in something that could lead to dismemberment or death, to casually stand in front of a camera and tell you that what they are about to do is not that difficult. What they are not telling you is that they have an unnatural level of skill and have probably crashed more times than you’ve had hot meals on their way to greatness.

Video; How To Jump an MX Bike
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...But It’s Not!
It’s all about the body weight balance when it comes to landing on the wheels... and not your feet!

So, by all means watch this video but maybe resist the temptation to head to your nearest MX track and launch yourself into the air at the very first jump, trying to remember all the hints these guys gave you as you are flying through the air, most likely with arms and legs flailing in poor and ineffectual imitation of a bird.

Video; How To Jump an MX Bike
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It Does Look Like Great Fun, Though
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All joking aside, if this is your bag, then these two do give some interesting insider tips.

Happy Friday!

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