There’s been a lot of hype surrounding the Husqvarna 701 Supermoto and the KTM-owned brand hasn’t been shy about touting its supermotobike to the public. Over the past few months, we’ve seen Husqvarna launch a dedicated microsite for the 701 and release a promotional video of the bike running roughshod over a makeshift track on the surface of a frozen lake in Sweden. Now, Husky’s taking it one step further with the release of a new promo video of its new supermoto bike stretching its legs in its natural habitat: a race track.

The video shows the 701 completely at home in this element, taking any semblance of stunt riding out of the equation. The bike looks quick, agile, and totally in control of its surroundings and it’s a little rewarding to see it navigate around the track with aplomb, hitting apexes with ease and executing perfect lean angles on corners. It’s the kind of environment that the 701 was built for. Watching and listening to it run around the track is already giving me goosebumps on what it can do when it lines up against other 450cc bikes in actual competition.

I can’t tell at this point how the 701 Supermoto will do against its rivals, but judging from this new video alone, I’d be very confident in its chances, weight issues notwithstanding.

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Why it matters

I admit to having gotten caught up seeing the Husqvarna 701 Supermoto wear spiked tires and run around the surface of a frozen lake. That was pretty cool. But I also knew that it was a stunt more than anything else because the 701 isn’t built for that kind of environment. The setting of this new video hits a little closer to home and it reinforces what I’ve always thought about the 701. I love it.

I understand that some people might be turned off by its relative bulk compared to other bikes in its class. A dry weight of 320 pounds is pretty bulky for a supermoto and I’m not as certain on how it’s going to perform when actual races start happening. But I’m willing to set that aside for now because Husqvarna never intended the 701 to be an all-conquering competition bike; it actually falls under that category of being a worthy competition bike with street-legal credibility. In some ways, it’s a hybrid in a multi-purpose kind of way.

That arrival of the 701 Supermoto is a welcome gust of fresh air for its segment. Just temper your expectations in line with what Husky has been saying about the bike relative to he 701 Concept, the prototype version of the 701 back when it made its debut at the EICMA show in Milan back in 2013. I’m looking forward to seeing the 701 in action as I’m sure a lot of you are too. If the bike is everything it’s been hyped to be, I won’t have any issues scooping one up for myself when it becomes available in the near future.

Source: Husqvarna

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