KTM-owned Husqvarna has launched a microsite previewing the upcoming arrival of the 701 Supermoto, the company’s first bike since it was acquired by the Austrian motorcycle manufacturer in January 2013.

While this is cause for celebration for Husky and its fans, it’s also a little perplexing that the company would take this route after already unveiling the 701 Supermoto at the 2014 EICMA Show last November 2014. Maybe Husqvarna’s just not into the nuances of subtlety; what’s important is that the 701 Supermoto is arriving. That’s really all that matters.

I’m a little confused about the decision to launch a microsite, but I also know that I’m looking forward to seeing the 701 Supermoto in action. According to Husqvarna, the street bike is scheduled to arrive in dealerships in November 2015, giving a lot of us enough time to try justifying to ourselves that it’s worth to make that financial plunge for the bike.

The company hasn’t said whether the bike is going to arrive in US dealerships, but theres’ a reason to be optimistic since the Husqvarna USA’s Facebook page has a link to the microsite. It’s not much to go by at this point, but we’ll take any positive hints of the 701 Supermoto being sold in the US any way we can get them.

So while you’re trying to decide what to make of the 701 Supermoto, I’m going to leave you with a nice little video Husqvarna prepared, showcasing the many capabilities of the street bike.

Turns out, you can put some spiked tires on the bike and take it out on the ice. Who knew.

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Why it matters

The microsite itself doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. It’s just a marketing ploy created to harness as much hype and surrounding buzz on the 701 Supermoto. The timing of its release notiwthstanding, I really have don’t issues pertaining to the site. If Husqvarna wants to do it, then by all means, go right ahead.

What’s important for is the bike’s future in the US, that is if it’s going to have one to begin with.

Husqvarna has given no clear indication that this is the direction it wants to go so a lot of people who have been waiting to see the bike in action since its debut at the 2014 EICMA show will probably have to wait a little while longer to find an answer.

Instances like this opens up a whole lot of speculation about the bike, and for good reason, too.

Ever since the bike was first unveiled at the EICMA show, there’s been a palpable buzz in the air pertaining to how good - or bad - the 701 Supermoto really is.

We already know a few details about the bike, particularly its use of a modified version of the KTM 690 SMC R’s engine, which produces a stout 67 horsepower. Husqvarna also said that the bike only weighs 320 pounds and has a laundry list of unique features, including ride-by-wire throttle control, WP suspension, ABS, and a slipper clutch.

In times like this, it’s probably best to just keep a close eye on any possible developments surrounding the 701 Supermoto before making a conclusion on whether or not the bike will be worth its TBD pricing.

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