In a world where motorcycle helmet technology has grown at an increased pace, a small start-up company that has no funds to see its project through may have a product that could redefine the industry altogether.

This is the iC-R helmet, a revolutionary head gear that comes with, among other things, two HUD displays, dual rear-view cameras, visual and acoustic traffic alerts, and an electro-tint visor.

It is a little hard to imagine how far motorcycle helmet technology has come in a span of a few years. Yet here we are, listening to and reading about things like HUD displays on helmets. I doubt such a thing would’ve even gotten anybody’s attention five years ago.

But that’s where we find ourselves in these days and the creators of the iC-R helmet are looking to break new ground with a product that uses the aforementioned LCD HUD displays to proved different information right in front of the rider, including a 210-degree field of view of the rear. Riders can even see a feed of the live stream, something that could prove to be useful for riders, especially when a car or another motorcycle is coming up from behind it. The helmet itself does all the work, alerting the rider through small amber LED lights that light up inside the helmet. Audio signals through the helmet speakers also serve the same purpose, as do the vibrations inside the helmet anytime a vehicle approaches from behind.

Everything about the iC-R helmet sounds impressive and really, for the most part, it fits the bill of what a revolutionary motorcycle helmet should be. But like most enterprising projects that promise advancements in technology, the iC-R helmet is going to cost a lot of money to produce.

That’s precisely why the creators of the project are looking to raise $300,000 to get the project moving forward. Should it be successful in building a product that can be sold to the market, the helmet is expected to cost as much as $1,400. That’s a pretty steep number for a helmet, but if the iC-R helmet lives up to its potential, it could end up being a pretty important purchase for motorcycle riders all over the world.

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Why it matters

If I haven’t hammered down the point enough, maybe it’s time for me to do it again. I don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but I have always and will always consider the safety of motorcycle riders as the most important thing when it comes to riding bikes.

So anytime I see a company, even a startup one, put in the time to study, research, and develop any advancements in motorcycle helmets, I won’t hesitate to give it my stamp of approval.

The iC-R helmet is still a concept at this point, but it is promising a lot of advancements that could redefine the way we think of motorcycle helmets in the future.

That’s always the benchmark for top-class helmets. Sure, aesthetics will also play a huge role, but that’s only as far as it can go. What’s really important is that companies pay premium importance on improving the safety features of these helmets.

On that end, it looks like Ambrose Dodson, the founder of Intelligent Cranium Helmets, is putting in the work to make sure that riders can use technologically advanced helmets that provide features they never thought they could have access to. That’s a project I’m willing to support and I encourage all of you to do the same in your own little way.

Source: Indiegogo

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