Balancing on a motorcycle is difficult enough on its own. But can you imagine trying to balance multiple people in just one bike? Seems difficult, doesn’t it? Well, don’t tell that to India’s Border Security Force. The BSF Janbaz stunt team showed exactly what it could do on a bike by balancing as many as 11 people on one motorcycle. You read that right: 11 people on one motorcycle.

How the BSF was able to do that is beyond my own comprehension, but from the looks of things, these people know exactly what they’re doing on that bike. The team even has the credentials to back up their stunts, having set a world record back in 2006 when 26 people were able to form a human pyramid on three moving motorcycles.

This stunt, which was showcased as part of India’s 66th independence celebration, isn’t as mental as that human pyramid, but it’s still a pretty incredible stunt to pull of. You’d think that having US President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama in attendance would be pressure for these guys.

Well, as the video of the ceremony suggest, even the presence of Obama wasn’t enough to keep the BSF daredevils from performing the sick stunts.

Check out the stunt, beginning in the 1:57.30 mark of the video.


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