Unless you’re involved in auto racing, car drivers don’t necessarily need to wear helmets. But motorcycle riders are a different story, largely because they’re more exposed to the elements compared to drivers. That’s why it’s important for helmet manufacturers to continue breaking the mold and develop new technologies to push helmet safety to a new level.

Fortunately, we have helmet specialist Shark to do the job for us. The French company has just unveiled its latest pride and joy called SKWAL, or as it likes to call it, the world’s first production helmet with integrated LED lights. The SKWAL helmets was actually introduced at the 2014 Motorcycle Live Show, but now it appears that the helmet is now being sold publicly at various stores, including Amazon.

As far as the helmet itself is concerned, Shark developed the SKWAL helmet by incorporating four LED modules, two of which can be found at the back of head with the other two located in the forehead and the chin of the helmet. These LED modules do as they’re described; they light up at night, presumably by way of a manual switch, to create a clear and distinctive illumination that car drivers and other motorcycle riders can easily notice.

The technology itself is unlikely to eliminate road accidents, but it should at least curb the numbers a little bit. In the ever evolving struggle for automotive safety, a helmet like the Shark Skwal could end up playing a big role in cutting the number of accidents down, even for just a little bit.

If you’re interested in buying one, you can check out Shark’s dealership network in the US on the company’s own website.


Source: Shark Helmets

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