Anybody who’s ever competed in motocross knows what the “Bubba Scrub” technique is. But for the uninitiated, the Bubba Scrub is a technique made famous by James Stewart, considered by many as one of the most bombastic track riders in the motocross circuit today. Stewart is a decorated rider, having won two 450 Supercross championships. But for all of his accomplishments, his biggest contribution to the sport just might be the technique that bears his name.

Basically, the Bubba Scrub is a move that’s made during jumps wherein Stewart steers his bike literally sideways on the face of jumps, creating a low center of gravity that can lower his lap times. The move looks amazing when you’re watching it, but it’s also very dangerous when not done properly. The whole prospect of a bike going sideways and practically touching the dirt could lead to a serious crash that can take a rider out of the race. But when it’s done properly, the Bubba Scrub allows a rider to post faster lap times relative to the competition.

The popularity of the Bubba Scrub has grown leaps and bounds in recent years, so much so that the move has been emulated by pretty much every rider in the motocross circuit these days. In some ways, the sport owes Stewart a debt of gratitude for inventing the move. At the very least, the man they call JS7 has seen his popularity rise because of it. Red Bull, in particular, has taken a lot of interest in the career of Stewart, even if it’s been put on hold for the timbering because of a highly controversial anti-doping violation.

JS7 is currently serving the suspension, giving him some time to shoot the first installment of the Bubba Scrub “Super Slo-Moto” series with Red Bull. The first episode is up and, as expected, it talks all about the Bubba Scrub.


Source: Red Bull

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