The Kawasaki Ninja H2 is one of those superbikes that belongs in its own category of motorcycle awesomeness, presumably included with descriptive words like “mental” or “bonkers.” Jay Leno knows that more than most, having already ridden the Ninja H2 and experienced first-hand the exhilarating power of 205 supercharged ponies on a superbike.

Knowing full well what the Ninja H2 is capable of, the automotive and motorcycle enthusiast decided to dedicate an entire episode of his hit web series, Jay Leno’s Garage, to learn more about the long and storied history of the H2 straight from the mouth of someone who knows what he’s talking about: Kawasaki Senior PR Coordinator Jeff Herzog.

The two discuss a plethora of topics pertaining to the Ninja H2, each one ending up with the same conclusion: the H2 is a bike designed for evil intentions. Leno even brought out a couple of H2 bikes from yesteryear just so he and Herzog can put in proper perspective the feeling of riding some of the fastest and most powerful bikes Kawasaki built in their respective generations.

And like all Jay Leno’s Garage episodes, I’d be remiss if I neglected to point out that Leno took all the H2 bikes for a run like only he could. I’d advise you guys to turn the volume up just so you can enjoy the ear-splitting spectacle of a supercharged Ninja H2 unleashing its banshee-like screams on the road.

There’s really nothing quite like an H2 blasting through the open road with little regard for noise pollution. That’s always been one of the H2’s calling cards and for as long as it’s been around, it’s a badge of honor it still proudly wears to this day.


Source: Jay Leno’s Garage

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