Episodes of Jay Leno’s Garage usually gravitate towards featuring some of the finest cars in the world, be it old school classics or modern-day exotics. Yet every once in a while, Leno switches things up a little bit and produces an episode dedicated strictly to motorcycles. A recent episode of the web series proved as much when Leno featured one of the oldest bike roadsters in the world, the 1925 Brough Superior SS100.

Yep. the Brough Superior is celebrating its 90th birthday this year but the model Leno has in his collection certainly doesn’t look the part of a 90-year old bike. For one, it still runs pretty good, which is a testament itself to the incredible engineering and development Brough did on the bike when it first came out back in 1925.

Some of the parts of the bike aren’t new and that doesn’t come as a surprise. It is 90 years old, after all. It’s also had a handful of other owners before Leno got his hands on it. One, in particular, even decided to turn it into a race bike where it ended up competing in some racing series back in the day, including the Isle of Man TT.

But the most impressive thing about this particular Brough Superior SS100 is that it still runs like a charm. All the mechanical details are there and are functioning properly. Leno even took it for a nice run in Los Angeles and even managed to overtake a Japanese bike built much later than the Brough Superior SS100.

You can make a case that there are more iconic bike models out there. But there are only a small number of bikes that can rival the history and staying power of the Brough Superior SS100.

For a bike to run that smoothly despite its age, it’s pretty remarkable if you really think about it.


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