Professional motorcycle rider Joey Gladstone is no stranger to running demented motorcycles in a drag strip. That’s where he made his name and quite frankly, he’s become well-known for it. Recently, Gladstone showcased his motorcycle drag racing prowess at the Maryland International Raceway where he successfully rode the fastest “no wheelie bar” bike to a quarter-mile time of just 6.56 with a top speed of 217 mph.

This video showcases Gladstone’s incredible run, which was largely made possible by this heavily modified Suzuki Hayabusa that shot to that top speed without the benefit of wheelie bars installed on the back of the bike. That’s an incredible achievement, especially when you consider that hitting a top speed of 217 mph is normally reserved for modified street cars. Even in the case of motorcycles, covering that much ground so quickly usually comes with the help of the aforementioned wheelie bars instead of the more traditional drag swingarm that Gladstone’s Hayabusa had.

Any which way you want to slice it, Joey Gladstone once again showed us that when it comes to pealing off a piece of a drag strip with insane runs like this, there aren’t a lot of riders who can do it quite like him.


Source: YouTube - TheRacingVids

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