Josh Sheehan is no stranger to performing incredible stunts on his dirt bike, but even with his bar set incredibly high, Sheehan somehow pulled out the ultimate dirt bike stunt when he successfully did a triple backflip.

Yes, a triple backflip. A triple freakin’ backflip!

Let’s put this in perspective for a moment. Performing a backflip on a bike is commonplace these days, but it’s no less impressive when you see someone do it. A double backflip is even more incredible since not a lot of riders are capable of pulling that off. But a triple backflip? No one’s ever done it, or at least been documented doing it.

That is until Josh Sheehan came into the scene and effortlessly pulled off the stunt in front of a crowd of extreme sports luminaries like Tony Hawk and Travis Pastrana, who, mind you, were all justifiably losing their minds.

Sheehan’s amazing triple backflip looks incredible when you watch it, but if you think he just rolled out of bed and decided to do it, you’d be wrong. He actually trained and prepared for more than a year to get the stunt right. Lord knows how you train for something like that, but I’ll take Sheehan’s word for it, especially after he emphatically slammed his name into the record books.

Care to try a quadruple backflip next time, Josh Sheehan?


Source: YouTube - Nitro Circus

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