Did you know that Red Bull Trial X-athlete Julien Dupont once rode on the surface of the moon? Ok, that’s not entirely accurate but he did find a suitable substitute to the moon in Sarakiniko beach on the Greek island of Milos. Now, Dupont is taking his interstellar exploration to a whole new level by tackling the mysterious terrain of Venus, or a representation of what he thinks the second closest planet to the Sun looks like on the surface.

Dupont once again found his location in Greece, although instead of returning to the dark and foreboding sands of Sarakiniko beach, he opted for the more barren look of Nisyros island.

What you’ll see in this video is Dupont doing what he does best, tacking incredible obstacles like their morning strolls in the park. You can be excused for marvelling at the scenery provided by the picturesque landscape of the Greek island, but don’t lose sight of tipping your hat to Dupont for effortlessly navigating around the rocky surroundings.

Once again, Julien Dupont and Red Bull have created another breathtaking video of what it might look like when one is riding a bike on the surface of our neighbors in the solar system. Judging by his seeming curiosity in completing this intergalactic voyage of sorts with Red Bull, I’m going to suggest a trip to Ayers Rock in Australia’s Red Centre desert next. That would make for a good representation of Mars.


Source: YouTube - Red Bull

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