The choice for most riders on the Moto2 calender

Out of the 32 riders on the Moto2 calendar, 20 of them choose to run on a bike that fits the Kalex chassis. Other manufacturers include KTM, Speed-up, Tech3, Suter, and NTS. The reason why they run on most machines is always a pondering thought but many believe it is mostly because of the conservative nature of the teams.

Of course, there hasn’t been one team complaining about the chassis. They are built to last multiple races and handle all the flexes and forces thrown at it. Kalex is easily one of the best in the business and we get to see a peek inside their factory.

Video: Kalex making a racing chassis High Resolution
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Founded in 2008, Kalex Engineering is a German specialty engineering company that designs, manufactures and sells high-performance parts for motorcycles. But they are famous for their Moto2 class stunt where they provide chassis structures to the Moto2 teams.

What began with one team, Kalex is now the preferred chassis manufacturer for most of the teams in the current Moto2 season. That is exactly why Triumph delivered the first set of 765cc Moto2 engines to Kalex before any other manufacturer.

Video: Kalex making a racing chassis High Resolution
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Watch how the most preferred chassis gets built at their German engineering headquarters.

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