Innovative technology is prevalent in the world of motorcycles. Kawasaki has pioneered its fair share of technologies and it’s no surprise that one of the Japanese company’s new offerings, the Ergo-Fit Concept, is getting a lot of love and attention from media folks like us.

The Ergo-Fit Concept, which can be seen on Kawasaki’s newest cruiser, the Vulcan S, is a system that allows riders to have the seats of their Vulcan S bikes personally tailored to their specific body type. It sounds pretty simple when you take it on face value, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. A lot more.

For starters, availing the Ergo-Fit Concept involves more than just slapping a new seat like it’s some kind of bike kit. To get the concept fitted into the bike, riders will have to track down a participating Kawasaki dealership at the time of purchase. From there, Kawasaki engineers will get to work re-configurating the bike’s seating position, doing so by moving pegs, adjusting bars, and in some instances, replacing the seat altogether with a modified version that can move the rider closer to or further away from the handlebars. Not so simple now, is it?

The Ergo-Fit Concept is a unique feature of the Vulcan S, a cruiser that Kawasaki released specifically for the young and hip market who prefer their bikes to have equal doses of style, power, and new technology. The Vulcan S offers all three in buckets, none more obvious than the Ergo-Fit Concept.

Check out the video and watch Kawasaki properly explain why the Ergo-Fit Concept is a must-have for anybody who wants to tide the Vulcan S.


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