Kawasaki promised to unleash the Ninja H2R for a parade lap at the Isle of Man TT. The company was true to its word as Quattro Plant Kawasaki rider James Hillier put the beastly Ninja H2R through the paces around the hallowed track of the Snaefell Mountain.

As crowds began gathering in various spectator spots around the track, the palpable excitement of watching the Ninja H2R flexing its muscles prompted most of the people to pull out their mobile phones in anticipation of the H2R zooming past their respective locations. Those people watching from the Sulby Straight were even treated to an extra dose of the Ninja H2R’s power as reports have come out that Kawasaki’s newest superbike was able to reach speeds in excess of 207 mph in that particular section of the track.

Separate reports even said that Kawasaki told Hillier to take it easy on the bike, immediately prompting speculation that the Ninja H2R is actually capable of exceeding that 207-mph top speed if it really wanted to. That apparently is the kind of expectation that comes with a bike that has 300 horsepower on tap, waiting to be unleashed by anyone brave enough to test it to its limits.

Suffice to say, the Ninja H2R made a hell of an impression to the lucky folks fortunate enough to see its parade lap. This only adds to the bike’s already growing legend, a testament to the incredible product Kawasaki has built. Soon enough, prospective owners of the Ninja H2R will get to experience for themselves the debilitating power of this superbike.

If its parade lap around the Snaefell Mountain at the Isle of Man TT is any indication, future owners will have a certified monster on two wheels in its hands.


Source: YouTube

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