Have you had your fill of goosebumps this morning? If you haven’t, well Kawasaki is here to fill you with a day’s worth of spine-tingling excitement with this video highlighting the development of one of its most extreme superbikes, the almighty Ninja H2R.

First introduced by Kawasaki at the 2014 EICMA show in November 2014, the Ninja H2R has so far been covered in a shadow of mystery. We already know the lineage of the bike, having taken its name from the Japanese bookmaker’s famous Ninja and H2 lines, but until now, we’re still in the dark as to how the latest Ninja H2R came to be.

No more, it seems, as Kawasaki has finally rolled out the first promotional ad of the super bike, complete with incredible snippets of its architecture and combined with the usual cadre of opera-like music filling the background. Don’t think this is a music video of some sort because it’s far from one. What it is, though, is somewhat of a never-before-seen look behind the reported 300-horsepower machine. It’s got aerodynamic credentials that are based on aerospace chassis design and a supercharger engine that was created using gas turbine engine technology. Oh, and it also features a planetary gear inspired by aircraft engines and anti-knock technology from Green Gas engines.

Throw in a production quality that’s second to none and you have a superbike that can lay waste to just about any bike in its path. Heck, we won’t even be surprised if it can beat down some of the best sports cars in the world today. Don’t sleep on the latter happening, because once the Ninja H2R gets its legs fully stretched, such a thing just might happen far more often than sports cars would want.

So say hello to Kawasaki’s new pride and joy. Chances are, you’re going to hear a lot more about the new Ninja H2R when it begins its assault on roads and pavements all over the world.


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