Most fans of motorcycle racing are familiar with some of the biggest names in the sport. From Valentino Rossi to Marc Marquez, to Jorge Lorenzo, and even Casey Stoner, these names are about as familiar to us as the names of our family friends. But for what it’s worth, none of them could have a bigger impact in the world of motorcycle racing than Krystyna Kubran.

Kubran is actually a mechanical engineer, but when she’s not doing things mechanical engineers usually do, Kubran is an accomplished motorcycle racer. For what it’s worth, she races in a Kawasaki ZX-10R, too.

This short feature on Kubran is brought to us by BuzzFeed Yellow, an offshoot production of lifestyle and culture website BuzzFeed. Who knew, right?

In any case, the feature talks about Kubran’s life in and out of the race track. More specifically, it talks about how Kubran has managed to ingratiate herself as a legitimate racer in a male-dominated sport. The woman is more than just legitimate, though. She’s actually pretty fast, too, routinely posting blazing laps that make you wonder why big motorcycle racing teams haven’t given her a shot yet.

She may not have the cache of some of the sport’s biggest names, but rest assured, Kubran’s involvement in motorcycle racing is paving a way for young girls looking to follow in there footsteps. That’s the message she essentially wants to espouse. If you want to be a motorcycle racer, don’t let your gender get in the way of accomplishing that goal. Chase your dreams, she says, and don’t let anyone get in the way of them.

Sounds like a woman who knows what she’s talking about.


Source: YouTube - BuzzFeed Yellow

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