We’ve all been stuck in traffic at one point in our lives. The struggle is real. In those moments, raise your hand if you ever wished that you were riding a bike instead. I know that thought has entered my mind at one point or another. With a bike, you can just weave your way in and out of traffic, leaving every car driver behind with resigned looks on their faces.

The rider in this video takes the thrill of lane-splitting and has turned into a freaking art form. Go watch how he somehow maneuvers in and out of different lines without losing any speed. Some spaces are incredibly tight, too, and yet there he is, without even slowing down, navigating like somebody who’s probably done things like this before.

It’s pretty amazing how much road he covered as the cars behind him sat still, barely able to move because of the traffic. Just goes to show you one of the many benefits of riding a bike. Of course, you might need to have the same level of skill and courage to perform this kind of lane-splitting.


Source: YouTube

Kirby Garlitos
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