When Victory Motorcycles announced that it would be running two electric bikes at the Zero TT Challenge at the Isle of Man TT in June 2015, a lot of people were curious about the two riders it tapped to race for the team in the competition. One of those riders is Lee “General Lee” Johnston, who isn’t really a household name in the world of motorcycle racing the way folks like Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez are.

Despite his lack of top-class pedigree, Johnston is still a talented racer who has some impressive finishes in his resume, including a top 5 finish at the Isle of Man TT in 2014. This year, Johnston will return to the Isle of Man where he will suit up for Victory Motorcycles in the aforementioned Zero TT Challenge.

Apparently, Victory decided that I was important for us to get to know the General so it released a video introducing the General to legions of fans who will have their eyes trained on him and partner Wiliam Dunlop as they carry Victory’s flag into competition.

It’s worth noting that both Johnston and Lee will be piloting electric motorcycles that may or may not have been Brammo electric bikes in the past. If you’re a little confused about this arrangement, remember that both Victory Motorcycles and Brammo’s electric technology development are owned by Polaris Industries. It’s no coincidence that upon buying Brammo back in March 2015, Polaris immediately gave the keys to the proverbial Brammo EV kingdom to Victory Motorcycles, which is why we’re seeing the motorcycle brand compete in not one but two races in the coming months. Have we forgotten Project 156, everybody?

Details surrounding the bikethat Johnston and Dunlop will ride at the Isle of Man TT have yet to be revealed in full. What we do know is that the bike will make use of Brammo’s newly acquired technology to go with participation from world-class manufacturer Parker Hannifin, which provided the GVM PMAC motors and what Victory describes as "highly sophisticated electric controls” to maximize the bike’s peak power, power delivery, and overall durability.”

Seems like Lee Johnston’s going to have his hands full with this bike, huh?


Source: Victory Motorcycles

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