The beauty of live television is that anything can really happen. Live news reports are always prone to this, especially when you have people who may want to mug for the cameras or, in some cases, rudely interrupt the news reports. Nothing of that sort happened in this video. That said, what happened still took away from the actual report.

Take a close look at the background as an ITV news reporter is talking just outside the St. Pancras International railway station in London. The reporter, Rita Chatterjee, was going about her business and doing her job when a pedestrian in the background became the unwitting victim of a moped crashing and running him over.

It was a cringe-worthy scene because of the impact caused by the crash, but Chatterjee was none the wiser as she continued doing her report. Fortunately, both the pedestrian and the motorcyclist came out of the accident in relatively good condition. Chatterjee even came out with a tweet, confirming that both people were, in fact, fine.

Seems like all’s well that ended well. But it was still pretty shocking to see something like this happen in a live news broadcast. Hopefully, people are more careful about where they rider their mopeds, lest they steal the news from a reporter doing the actual news on live TV.


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