• Video: Man does the world first’ wheelie across an Auckland bridge

NOTE: We do not endorse/promote stunt riding on public roads. Keep yourself and other road users safe. Always consider safety first and wear a helmet and all riding gear.

In a project aptly called as “Wheelie King”, Japanese Masaru Abe pulled off the longest wheelie on a two-wheeler creating a record that now stands at an incredible distance of 311 miles. It was done on a closed course, rather a pre-created track just for this feat under marshals and all safety factors are taken into considerations.

Then there is this guy, just like all spoilt brats out there attempting the wheelie on public roads – across Auckland’s Harbour Bridge exactly. It is apparently the ’world first’ wheelie across the span of the mile-long bridge. But he is, however, facing the heat from the authorities for this act.

The video was first posted on an Instagram account jos_bike_lifestyle, claiming to be a ’world first’. The rider is seen performing the wheelie stunt on a Harley-Davidson for more than a minute just during sunrise. This gave the folks some breathing space since the traffic was minuscule and the rider is seen wheeling in the inside lane of the eight-lane motorway.

The vehicle filming this feat followed the Harley in the outside lane. The video received more than 1000 views within a short span of four hours. All this, an impressive stunt no doubt, but has come under the scanner of Auckland’s police.

Video: Man does the world first' wheelie across an Auckland bridge
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Sergeant Richard Byrne from the Waitemata police believes that the act could have easily had "fatal consequences". He goes onto state for the Newshub.: "The behavior of this motorcyclist shows a complete lack of regard for their own safety and the safety of others. Police are very concerned about this sort of behavior and will be making inquiries into this incident."

Own a motorcycle? Good, I already like you. Beat the city traffic. Always wear a helmet. If you love doing stunts like a wheelie, choose a safe, secluded location and not public roads or just leave it to the professionals.

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