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  • Video: Man Performs Jump Over Two Superbikes
    Epic jump over two motorcycles (Original) 110 km/h

    Warning. Never try this at home.

    Al the jumper. Stunt man. Daredevil. Professional athlete.
    Dedicated to reach my goal, to follow my dreams. And to hold on two Guinness World records. One that I just broke, and and the other one, is when I jump over two cars. So everything before that, is just my résumé, chasing my sponsors ;) And during my journey I hope to meet peoples, such as Koby Bryant, so a can jump over him in an Aston Martin :) I donte do it to become fame or get rich. I do it because I love to create my own goals. Do you want to follow my journey ?? On the path until I get the opportunity to jump my two cars, Subscribe !! If you donte like my dreams and what I do, change the channel ;) Best regard. Al the jumper