22-year old Marc Marquez is the golden boy of MotoGP, having won the last two world championship titles despite being just 22 years old. His bike skills are unquestioned and there are already a lot of people who believe that he’s on pace to become the heir to Valentino Rossi as the next superstar of MotoGP.

But apparently, Marquez talents on the bike is also translatable to the dirt tracks. Yep. The kid’s a pretty slick motocross rider, too.

This video, which Marquez himself posted on his YouTube page, shows him participating in a motocross race and actually doing well for himself. He didn’t dominate the race like he usually does in MotoGP, although I think that this was more of a friendly run and less of an actual competition with his fellow riders.

The video also shows that Marquez can pretty much do anything on a motorcycle. The fact that he’s only 22 years old and still has a lot of years left on the racing circuit shows how incredibly talented this kid really is. Who knows, should he get bored dominating the MotoGP scene, he might turn to motocross and dominate that, too.

And when he’s done there, we might even see him racing actual race cars in the future. There’s no limit to what he can do so I certainly won’t be surprised if his career takes that route.

Formula One, perhaps?


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