Pro Superbike racer Marcel Irnie had himself a pretty busy 2014 season, although it’s probably nothing compared to what he has on his plate this year. In addition to filling our feeds with his splendid YouTube videos, Irnie will also compete in the inaugural MotoAmerica SuperStock 1000.

But before we get too excited about Irnie’s prospects ahead of this coming racing season, the racer decided to give up as a nice little treat by compiling his so-called “greatest hits” from 2014 into one incredible video.

The whole thing runs for 35 minutes so I suggest you split it up into a few installments to maximize your viewing pleasure. In it, we’ll see a lot of incredible first-person footage of motorcycle races with Irnie essentially putting us right smack in the middle of the superbike action.

What’s impressive about this is that the helmet camera follows all of Irnie’s movements, including the tilts around the corners that puts the view incredibly close to the chicanes. The video also has a number of hair-raising overtaking maneuvers, mixed in with some nasty spills, and general horsing around when he’s not competing in any races.

Oh, there’s also a generous amount of four-letter curse words from Irnie so that’s something you might have to look out for if you plan on watching the video with children around. Don’t worry, all you need to do is slap on a pair of earphones or headphones and you’re good to go.


Source: YouTube - Marcel Irnie

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