Motorcycle racing covers a wide spectrum of disciplines that aren’t necessarily tied into each other. There’s even a perception in the industry that MotoGP racers aren’t suited for the mud-soaked world of motocross while motocross riders would find it difficult to translate to the opulent style of top-class two-wheeled racing.

I don’t necessarily believe that and apparently, neither does Michelin, which just released the first episode of its new web series called “We Are All Racers.”

The episode features two racers from different worlds of motorcycle racing converging on one track to give us the kind of head-to-head battle we rarely see these days. On one corner is FIM CEV Superbike champion Kenny Noyes and on the other corner is Team Luc1 Motorsports’ Sylvain Bidart. The two couldn’t be more different from the other. One races with aKawasaki ZX-10R in the CEV Superbike European Championship while the other one races with a Honda CRF motorbike. in the SuperMoto GP.

Yet with their differences screaming loudly in the bikes they ride in competition, Michelin is elevating the thought that Noyes and Bidart aren’t really different from each, as is any other racer who rides on the saddle and competes in whatever race is being held all over the world.

What Noyes, Bidart, and every other motorcycle racer in the world share is a love and passion for racing motorcycles, no matter what kind of competition it is. They may use different bikes to serve their different racing disciplines, but no matter the circumstances, at the core of all of these people lies the heart of a true racer.


Source: Michelin

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