We all know the painful lessons brought about by being reckless while doing motorcycle stunts. The best case scenario is that you escape from your derring-do unscathed and you live to fight another day. The worst case scenario is that you end up getting seriously hurt and you never get to do anything ever again, much less a stunt. This guy falls somewhere in-between, which is good because he still has his limbs intact, but bad because it could’ve ended up a lot worse.

For some reason, the rider decides to perform a motorcycle surf, which is basically standing up on the seat of the bike like a surfer does to his surfboard. It’s a nice visual stunt if done correctly and for the most part, the rider seems to be doing well, getting some good distance on his bike as some of his biker buddies converge around him.

Everything’s going smoothly. He balances himself quite nicely. He even waves to the people like some kind of all-conquering hero. When the time comes for him to sit back right down on his bike, that’s when things took a turn for the worst.

As soon as he disembarks, he loses his balance on the way down, stumbling to the ground and taking his precious sports bike with him. Like I said, it could’ve ended up a lot worse for our show-off rider. Fortunately, he puts on his helmet just before he attempts to sit back down on his bike. If he hadn’t done that, then I might be writing an outcome that’s far different from what we just saw.

Hopefully, he learned his lesson from his stunt-gone-wrong.


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