Being able to ride a bike takes a lot of time, not to mention a whole lot of patience if you’re the instructor. So you’re going to have to excuse this neophyte for having a little trouble trying to get his bike under control.

We’ve all been there and I’m pretty sure we’ve had similar embarrassing episodes like this that weren’t caught on camera. But it’s still pretty funny, isn’t it?

A simple U-turn turns into a face plant into the steel fence. I actually felt bad for him because that must have hurt. But I also know that it’s part of the process of learning how to ride a motorcycle. There’s no exact science that lets you get into a bike and immediately understand all the intricacies that come with riding these machines.

It takes a lot of practice to be able to just balance yourself in a bike, let alone do a complete U-turn without messing it up. So get back on the bike, buddy, and do it again.

Keep doing it until you learn how it’s done. Trust me, you’re going to have your fair share of spills before everything’s said and done. The important thing is you get back on your bike and you do it again. Again and again, even if it means a few more episodes like this one.


Source: YouTube

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