Spirit Lakes Cycles isn’t the kind of custom bike shop that will puff its chest at every custom bike it builds. On the contrary, the shop rarely does any flaunting since it’s stuck to the same principle of letting others do the talking. Spirit Lake Cycles did make a recent exception for Petrolicious, which in itself isn’t a shock since the show has often made gripping episodes involving in the industry.

The latest episode dives into the history and operations of Spirit Lake Cycles, tackling among other things, its humble beginnings as a two-man operation that began in, of all places, a kitchen. Born from modesty, Spirit Lake Cycles has grown to become a well-respected custom shop that counts vintage BMWs among its specialties.

How can we forget the incredible CBMW, a bike based on the R90/6 that featured a more modern design yet still retained a retro vibe that harkens back to BMWs early years as a motorcycle brand. The CBMW is far from the only bike Spirit Lake Cycles is known for, and yet, the CBMW exemplified everything we’ve come to appreciate from the custom bike shop.

It’s not the type to go over-the-top with its custom builds. Rather, it sprinkles in some of its design characteristics with the bike’s original composition, creating a masterful mix of authenticity and custom modernity.

This is the story of Spirit Lake Cycles and it’s a wonderful one that proves that great things can start from small beginnings.

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Why it matters

I found myself drawn to this episode because I’ve heard some positive things about Spirit Lake Cycles. I didn’t know too much about it but if you check out the company’s website, you’ll begin to understand why the company’s getting a lot of positive hype and publicity these days.

The company’s Instagram page is a definite must-see. Hundreds of photos of custom BMW bikes, redesigned in the same subtle style as the CBMW, dominate the pages. It’s like your being transported back to a time when BMW bikes exuded timeless looks that would still gain favor in today’s more sophisticated world.

I’m a fan of Spirit Lake Cycles, in case that hasn’t been established enough. The Petrolicious episode should give you a good idea on what the company is like. Once you finish watching it, I invite everyone to hop to the company’s Facebook and Instagram pages to check out some of its other works.

There’s a lot of custom goodies in both sites that’ll make you stand up and take notice. That’s what happened to me.

Source: Petrolicious

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