Custom motorcycles come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Often times, the bikes conceived out of this method reflect the personalities of the people who put in the work to create their interpretation of what a bike should be. Some custom tuners prefer taking the flashy route with outlandish paint jobs while others are more keen in turning their bikes into fire-breathing, two-wheeled rockets.

Then there are tuners like Franco Augello who doesn’t care too much about the performance and aesthetics of a bike by paying more attention to creating a story with his projects. This short film by the fine gentlemen of Petrolicious gives us an insight into the mind of Augello and how he can turn a classic BMW R65 into a true work of art.

On the surface, it’s hard to differentiate what Augello does from somebody who restores bikes to their original look. Is he a custom tuner or he is a restorer? I found myself asking that question, too. But once you take a really close look at his work on the R65, you’ll notice some subtle upgrades to the bike, including the soft leather seat, the leather-wrapped grips, and the polished fuel filler.

If you’re looking for any splashes of flashiness, you won’t find it on this bike, which Augello proudly calls the Inge 09. Instead, you’ll see the work of a man who believes that there’s still a place in this world for bikes that exude class instead of flash.

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