If there was such a thing as a “Bad Timing Award”, the people behind the “Ragged Edge” documentary should be considered the favorites to win it. That’s not really their fault, but you have to feel really bad for Joseph Sousa, Matt Sienkiewicz, and their camera crew for spending the past five years filming a documentary chronicling the life and times of Erik Buell Racing.

The documentary touched on the life and times of the eponymous motorcycle brand, dating back to the company’s rebirth after getting the heave-ho from Harley-Davidson back in 2009 right up until the rebranded EBR Racing came back to become a self-sustaining company and a contender in AMA racing. Erik Buell even spent a significant chunk of time talking candidly about the company’s struggles to find funding for its operations while also expressing his excitement for EBR’s future, both in the market and the racing world.

But neither Sousa nor Sienkiewicz could have prepared themselves for the sudden and unexpected closure of Erik Buell Racing in April 2015, effectively turning the documentary into a chilling foreboding of the company’s future.

Ragged Edge will still air on Wisconsin Public Television on May 8, 2015 at 10:02 pm local time. If you end up missing that schedule, you can still get to watch the documentary at Vimeo on Demand.

Best be warned, though. The events of the documentary come well before the company’s closure so when you’re watching it, try not to feel too bummed about how EBR ended up.


Source: Vimeo

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