You know how people say that sometimes, it’s better to be lucky than good? Well, the rider in this video is both those things because he was lucky enough to avoid getting hurt from a car crashing into his bike and good enough to manage to perform a roll-over on the car’s hood before landing on his feet.

The whole episode was captured by the rider’s helmet camera. In it, we see him patiently waiting for the lights to turn green and when it does, he proceeds to go about his merry way. Unfortunately, an idiot driving a Volkswagen Golf runs a red light and crashes into his Triumph Daytona 675. As all that is happening, the rider somehow had the wherewithal to instinctively roll into the hood and pull his lower body up and around on top of the windshield before safely landing on his feet.

It’s an incredible move that likely saved him from suffering a more serious injury. Unfortunately, his Daytona 675 wasn’t as lucky as, according to the rider, the bike was destroyed beyond repair.

We all saw, based on the video, who was at fault here. If I was in the rider’s place, I would’ve probably done more than to scream at the Golf driver for his inane stupidity. But I see where he’s coming from, too. If you can pull that off without getting too hurt by doing it, you’re going to be a little out of it, too.

It doesn’t take away anything from his incredible awareness that probably saved his life in the process.


Source: YouTube

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