Robert Gull is a renowned record-holding motorcycle rider. Ellen Ebrgstrom is a Swedish actress. On their own, these two probably have next to nothing in common with the only exception being their mutual love for motorcycles. But Gull, being an accomplished racer to go along with his record-setting exploits, is the one who’s more versed to the intricacies of motorcycles than his beautiful counterpart.

That said, the two teamed up recently to attempt to reach the fastest average speed of a motorcycle racing on a sheet of ice with a passenger in tow. First of all, attempting a world record on pavement is difficult enough on its own. Doing it on ice is exponentially more difficult. But doing it on ice with a passenger in tow? Well, kids. Don’t try this at home.

The video recently captured by Gull shows exactly what kind of nuttiness he and Bergstrom were capable of doing. According to the video, the attempt was made in February 28, 2015 at Arsunda, Sweden. Seeing as both Gull and Bergstrom are Swedish nationals, it only seems right that the stunt was done in that area.

So how did they do? Gull and Bergstrom managed to hit a top speed of 216 mph to go with an average speed of 206 mph, a new record, at least according to Gull. Seeing as the man already owns a handful of verified records, it’s hard not to doubt his claim on this one.

Check out the video and so how the dynamic duo managed to pull it off.


Source: YouTube - Robert Gull

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