Roland Sands Design has a reputation for being one of the best custom bike builders in the business. A mere mention of the company’s name immediately evokes memories of some of its finest works, including the Kiedis Roadglide, Ameri-Tracker, Fat Tire 48, El Zarape, and a host of others that you can quickly identify as the work of RSD.

In addition to being quite the custom bike builder, Roland Sands Design is also pretty adept at tooting its own horn. That’s not necessarily a bad thing for a brand that prides itself on having a cult following from legions of its fans who swear by the company’s custom bike skills. Was it really a surprise, then, to wake up one day and find yourselves in the company of a hilarious promotional video from RSD? Oh, that’s a rhetorical question because everybody already knows what the answer is.

In any case, this RSD-produced video is balls-to-the-wall hilarious. Somehow, Roland Sands Design was able to combine all the elements you want to see in a motorcycle video into a five-minute, music video of sorts. You can watch the video and check out all the intense custom bikes the shop has produced, or you can do that while listening to the hilarious song and narration dedicated to every spectacular custom bike project Roland Sands Design has built, or at least the ones that it’s unabashedly proud of.

I highly recommend everyone to check out the video. Watch or listen, it doesn’t matter. Roland Sands Design wins either way.

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