Motorcycles have been making more frequent stops at Jay Leno’s Garage recently, and the latest to do so is the Ronin 47, a bike known in the industry for its unconventional design as it is for its exclusivity.

The bikes actually trace their lineage to the Buell 1125, although you probably wouldn’t notice any similarities given how dramatically restyled the Ronin 47s are. You only need to look at the bike to understand what I’m saying. See that radiator-like contraption on the front that’s flanked by projector beams posing as headlights? Well, that contraption’s actually a radiator of the liquid-cooled variety. Pretty interesting, to say the least.

Mike Mayberry is the co-founder of the Ronin Motorworks as well as its lead designer. So if you have any questions on the design of the bike, he’s the guy you want to talk to. Fortunately, Jay Leno did just that in the latest episode of Jay Leno’s Garage.

In the episode, Leno and Mayberry talk shop about the Ronin 47, discussing the company’s history at length and the inspiration behind the creation of these motorcycles. It’s a longer-than-usual episode of Jay Leno’s Garage - almost 20 minutes - but it’s definitely worth your time for a variety of reasons.

So get to know more about Ronin Motorworks and the Ronin 47 in this episode of Jay Leno’s Garage. It’s a fascinating watch, especially if you’re wondering about what Mayberry’s plans for the company and the Ronin 47, including its decision to limit production of the Ronin 47 to, you guessed it, only 47 units.

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