The past few days have been pretty heavy on bad and sometimes, emotional news. Don’t you think we all need a little break from that to get our days started in a better tone? Fortunately, YouTube user Royal Jordanian is here to do just that, sharing with us a new way to make popcorn that uses nothing more than a BMW S1000R.

From what I can tell, no ovens and microwaves were harmed in the making of this nonsensical but admittedly hilarious video. Royal Jordanian did have plenty of use for the aforementioned S1000R and if you follow the step-by-step guide on how to make popcorn with a sportsbike, you might just be able to replicate the act, even though I strongly advise against it.

In any case, the video clearly illustrates that if you want to get the kernels popped just right, you’re going to have to set the bike’s engine to a “medium to high temperature.” A few revs of the throttle did the trick and as soon as the exhaust was in its proper temperature, Royal Jordanian proceeded to dump a whole lot of kernels inside the exhaust where, believe it or not, they actually popped into real popcorns.

You could call it a success but I don’t think it’s the best way to make popcorn for the obvious sanitary reasons. Also, I don’t know if this is how you should be treating your BMW S1000R. The bike is expensive enough on its own, but to use it as replacement microwave? That’s foolish with a capital ‘F.’

Still, the video is hilarious and I don’t think Royal Jordanian would want anybody to actually do something like this. All he had in mind was to show everyone how versatile the S1000R can be. Top-class motorcycle? Yep. Popcorn-maker? Apparently so.


Source: YouTube - Royal Jordanian

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