Technology comes with a price and in the case of Livemap, that price is pretty steep. Fortunately, the Russian firm has received the equivalent of a $287,700 grant from the Russian Ministry of Science to fund the development of the company’s new head-up display helmet.

The yet-to-be named helmet is the brainchild of Livemap and it is being developed with a voice-control feature that can also project see-through GPS navigation directly onto the visor. This is the kind of thing that’s straight out of the future, which is short of saying that it’s technology we’re only slowly starting to comprehend.

But Livemap CEO Andrew Artischev sees the promise of translating a technology commonly seen in modern fighter jets straight into helmets, which is why his company decided to push all of its chips on the table to develop these helmets properly.

Granted, there’s a real chance that the visual displays could be a little distracting but Livemap believes that once riders get acclimated to seeing a full-color, translucent picture straight in the center of their field of view, it would become really easy to get used to the new technology. According to Livemap, certain redesigns are also in store for the helmets, which have to be larger than conventional helmets to help accommodate the hardware, integrated speakers, and batteries - two 3000 mAh (AA) batteries in this case - the company plans to install inside the helmet.

The only downside to this project is that the two batteries are only expected to last for a whole day of riding. Unless riders opt to get rechargeable AA batteries, changing batteries could become an expensive side cost of the helmet.

Livemap has also announced that it’s planning to release a working prototype of the helmet in the next few months, followed by the production version hitting stores in the US in the summer of 2015. Be advised, though. One helmet is expected to cost $2,000, although customers who pre-order the helmet will receive a $500 discount.


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