Today’s stunt-gone-wrong video comes to you by way of Jukin Video, which found this gem of a clip that best shows what it’s like to perform a stunt, only to have it backfire on you with some sprinklings of carelessness.

The video starts off pretty good. The rider, in full racing garb, performs a series of wheelies on his bike, mixing in a few pirouettes in the process. The stunt ride looks impressive and the rider even feels confident enough to wave to the crowd. Nothing unusual, right?

Well, things took a turn for the worse when the rider decides to bring his bike back to the ground, but as soon as he does, he accidentally twists the throttle, sending the bike straight into a metal barricade with no signs of slowing down.

As you can expect, the bike and the rider crash into said barricade before they both end up in a heap on the ground. The rider doesn’t appear too be hurt by the ordeal, although I’m a little certain that he’s ego is pretty wounded because of his reckless showing-off. It also looks like the bike suffered some damages, although that could be expected given how hard it crashed into the barricade.

Once again, an important lesson has been learned. If you’re going to hotdog with your bike, make sure you have the senses to keep yourself in upright position when you’re performing said stunt.

Otherwise, you might end up like this poor dude.

Source: YouTube - JukinVideo

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