Martin Krátký is arguably one of the most well-known street bike stunt riders in Europe. He’s won his fair share of stunt riding competitions and his popularity is pretty evident by the sheer number of fans he has on social media, including around 560,000 fans on Facebook alone.

Krátký’s flair for the dramatic is always encapsulated in a compilation video of some of his best stunts every year. The entire stunt-riding community waits for this particular video every year, treating it like Ken Block’s annual Gymkhana episodes.

Well, the world is right again because the compilation of Krátký’s best stunts from 2014 has (finally!) gone viral. In true Krátký fashion, we get to see a dose of every stunt in the book, mixed in with some new additions to his arsenal. The grounded Superman, or whatever it’s called, is particularly impressive at around the 2:30 mark.

There are a whole lot more stunts in this video that are definitely worth watching. I could describe them to all of you but that would only spoil the act of watching the video for yourselves.

Given my limited skills in the art of street bike stunt riding, I find myself having even more appreciation for guys like Martin Krátký who make these stunts look so effortless. Lord knows if I try pulling off some of these stunts, I might as well write my own obituary while I’m at it.


Source: Martin Krátký

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