There’s a reason why super motocross bikes, colloquially referred to as supermotos or “SuMos” are built the way they are. They’re light, fast, and agile, capable of wheelies, burnouts, and of course, airborne jumps. These bikes are arguably the most fun you can have on two wheels, that is if you have the stomach to perform all the aforementioned stunts to enjoy the bike’s capabilities to their fullest.

On the flip side, cruisers are much heavier for a reason. They’re developed with the idea of joyrides in mind, long treks out on the open road with bikes that are powerful enough to last a distance. Cruisers can’t do what supermotos can and SuMos can’t do what cruisers can. It’s simple logic, right?

Well, this video proves that just because you can’t do it, doesn’t mean you can’t try.

The clip starts pretty incredibly with a Swedish SM rider performing an airborne trick with his supermoto bike. Gather some momentum, hit a ramp, and catch some air. It’s a sweet stunt made more impressive by the fact that the rider easily cleared five bikes and could have potentially cleared a few more in the process. Impressive stuff.

But then the video takes a turn to the hilarious when another rider attempts to try the same trick while riding a cruiser. The results, as you can imagine, are to be expected.

But it’s still funny to watch, if only to see the feeble clearance the cruiser accomplished attempting the said stunt.


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