Stunt riding on motorcycles isn’t for everybody. That much I can tell from experience. You wanna talk about scars brought about by being careless on a bike? I got my fair share of stories on that end. But there are those that are far more skilled than I am that can do all these things I can only dream about doing and live to tell the tale of their accomplishments.

This video, produced by The Dirty Amigos, clearly illustrates this point. It’s not a professionally made video by any means, but it’s still good enough for these guys to perform some wheelie stunts with super motards while traveling great distances. A lot of riders are capable of performing this particular stunt because it’s not particularly hard to do. Unless you’re me, in which case, it’s quite, you know, out of my own wheelhouse.

But there’s an art form to performing the perfect wheelie and getting to do them over and over again without the threat of losing control and spilling into the road. These guys showcase that masterfully with some pretty impressive wheelies of their own.

Kind of makes me think if I should get back on the saddle and try doing it again. On second thought, I don’t think my insurance would be able to handle me getting hurt again over something I shouldn’t be doing in the first place.

Guess I’ll just stick to watching these guys. They sure know what they’re doing.


Source: YouTube - The Three Amigos

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