The eternal question is car vs bike has been asked so many times the answer now probably lies somewhere in between the two protagonists. But even then, that hasn’t stopped people from testing it out for themselves, which is what Super Street Magazine did recently when it rolled out a Kawasaki Ninja H2R superbike and pitted it against a troika of supercars headlined by the Bugatti Veyron and also includes a McLaren 12C and a heavily modified Nissan GT-R that packs a walloping 1,350 horsepower.

As you can imagine, the Ninja H2R did quite well for itself, as it should since according to Super Street, this is the only H2R that Kawasaki USA has as of the moment. And let’s face it, even if it does produce just 300 horsepower - peanuts compared to what the three supercars have under their respective hoods - the much lighter superbike can be just as quick on a drag strip as any of its four-wheeled counterparts.

Actually, the H2R beat two out of the three supercars it competed against and the third one, even if it lost, was closer than most people thought. Care to venture a guess which of the three supercars bested the H2R on the drag strip?
I’d spill the beans but that would mean taking out the fun of actually watching the video for yourselves. Trust me at least when I tell you that you’d be surprised by the results.

Or maybe not depending on what you’re opinion is of aftermarket upgrades.


Source: Super Street Magazine

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