The Isle of Man Tourist Trophy Race was once considered the most prestigious motorcycle race in the world. It’s since ceded that title to MotoGP, but rest assured, there are still a lot of people who consider themselves as avid fans of the Isle of Man TT.

For these fans, especially the current ones, the name Guy Martin usually evokes a mixed bag of reactions. Some people enjoy watching him ride with the Tyco Suzuki racing team. Others, though, are less enthused about the man, especially the way he conducts himself in front of fans and the media. I polled a couple of friends who watch the Isle of Man TT regularly and the word “mercurial” was thrown in on more than one occasion.

Whatever you think of Martin, you can’t deny that he’s a maven on two wheels. Sure, he hasn’t won the Isle of Man TT yet but since competing in the race in 2004, Martin already has 15 podium finishes to his name. That’s the mark of a man with supreme talent. So if you want to learn more about Martin and what makes him tick, the UK’s Channel 4 On Demand has released a short documentary, featuring the enigmatic rider.

In it, we get to see Martin in his thick Lincolnshire accent talk about the things that he enjoys about competing in the Isle of Man TT and what he’s like when he’s out of his racing suit and enjoying his life as a regular man. It’s probably one of the most insightful looks we’ll ever see of Guy Martin so if you’re a fan of the rider and the series, this is as good an opportunity as any to get to know the man behind the mask.

Trust us when we tell you, you’d be surprised at how the word "mercurial" gets thrown out when you see him in plain clothes, enjoying, among other things, painting his house.


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