When it comes to riding motorcycles, safety is always an issue of paramount importance. Unlike cars that have an enclosed body, motorcycles don’t have that luxury so, in the event that you crash - or spill out of control - well, let’s just say that you’re on your own.

Helmet maker, Reevu, may finally have the technology to give bikers the helmet of the future thanks to the development of the MSX1, a revolutionary helmet that comes with a rearview mirror. Similar to how a rearview mirror in the car works, the MSX1 has a mirror located right above a rider’s line of sight. It works as an adjustable tunnel mirror that has a little collapsed periscope on the back of the helmet that allows riders to see exactly what’s happening behind them.

It may not go in the way of completely preventing motorcycle accidents from occurring - that would take complete abstinence - but it does go a long way in improving road awareness among riders out there on the streets.

Check out WebBikeWorld’s review of the product after the jump.

Source: Reevu

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Rod  (825) posted on 05.1.2010

This is not a bad idea.

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