Smart helmets are becoming more and more prevalent these days, thanks in large part to the rapid speed by which technology advances. I’ve written about a couple of them in the past few months and now, I’m back at it again with another helmet that promises an array of features unique to its own.

The helmet is called the Nand Logic and like I said, it’s littered with a generous amount of gizmos and gadgetry that will capture the attention of a lot of motorcycle riders. First of all, the Nand Logic has LED modules. Lots of it, in fact. These modules are used for a variety of purposes, including as turn signals, brake lights, and even dual headlights just in case a rider needs better visibility at night.

That’s not all. The Nand Logic also has two cameras, one pointing to the front and one at the rear. An accompanying SD card can store photos and HD videos captured by these two cameras an be played as picture-in-picture or as a dual stream.

It also has SoC capability, giving the helmet object recognition capabilities and analyze video stream in real time. The recognition feature is particularly important because the system is able to detect any imminent signs of danger and sends out an audio alarm to the mini speakers found inside the helmet. Adding to its computer-like capabilities is a blind spot warning that functions the same way as the object recognition feature.

If you think that’s the extent of features found on the Nand Logic, you’d be wrong. Yep. There’s more.

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Why it matters

It seems inconceivable that a helmet with this many features retails for less than $500. It’s might be too good to be true. That said, let’s dive back on the pupu platter of features this helmet has at its disposal.

It also has wireless communication and streaming via Bluetooth. In hindsight, these two features seem antiquated compared to the other goodies the helmet has. But Bluetooth is still an important technology for a lot of people, especially for those who rely on it to complement their smartphones. Thanks to the aforementioned SoC, a rider can instantaneously make and take phone calls through voice control, use GPS navigation, and even steam music from a phone or music player with Bluetooth capabilities.

Speaking of the SoC, the system also makes it possible for the helmet to be equipped with Digital Signal Processing. Internal and external microphones are also part of the package and the audio input is synced with its video capabilities, thus giving the helmet full control of volume control. Add temperature and humidity sensors and that’s about it. Quite a handful, isn’t it?

As far as aesthetics are concerned, the Nand Logic helmet does come with a peculiar design that was intentionally done to improve its aerodynamic qualities. We know how important that is for motorcycle riders so its comforting to know that there’s a helmet that offers all of these features and still has the design to help reduce buffeting, drag and wind noise.

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